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Keywords in Google Page 1

You should also try to have the following keywords in Google Page 1:

  • Bukhoor Singapore
  • Incense Burner Singapore
  • Sandalwood Oil Singapore
  • Agarwood Beads Singapore
  • Olive Oil Toiletries Singapore

Actionable Items

  1. Home page: show things like Latest Products, Latest Offers, Latest Happenings, Latest Articles, etc. e.g.
  2. Add Reviews e.g.
  3. Add Customer Ratings e.g.
  4. Add Social Media Sharing buttons s e.g.
  5. Add Bestsellers s e.g.
  6. Start to accumulate a list of useful articles - Establish your company as the Expert in this domain. This also helps a lot in SEO - people will find you in page 1 of Google. e.g.
  7. Add Videos e.g.

What to Write for Your Facebook...?

  1. Direct traffic to your website
  2. Inspiring Quotes
  3. Ask Questions
  4. Guides & Tutorials
  5. Tips & Techniques
  6. Offers & Discounts
  7. Ask people to share their stories/photos/tips
  8. Humour
  9. FAQ
  10. Do you know that...
  11. Photos of people using your products e.g.
  12. Encourage users to send in their photos

Interesting Topics for Your Articles

  1. Do You Make These [blank] mistakes?
  2. The Secrets of [blank]
  3. Everything You Know About [blank] Is Wrong
  4. Little Known Ways To [blank]
  5. Here’s A Quick Way to [blank]
  6. How To [blank]
  7. Mind Blowing! [blank]
  8. Liked! —> [insert original headline]
  9. Are You Out Of The Loop About [blank]?
  10. What Everyone Ought To Know About [blank]
  11. The Ultimate Guide To [blank]
  12. Finally! An ABC Simple Way To [blank]
  13. How To [blank] Like [name of celebrity]
  14. A [blank] Masterclass
  15. Don’t Read This If [blank]
  16. Here’s Why You Should Never [blank]
  17. How To Hack [blank]
  18. Yours Free! A [blank] Cheatsheet
  19. New Study Reveals [blank]
  20. Warning: [blank]
  21. The Perfect Alternative To [blank]
  22. The Easy Way To [blank]

Related Topics

  • Zen
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Music

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