Singapore Red Cross


Singapore Red Cross

Website: PR 6/10 Alexa: 3,363,379 35,748 Likes 2,591 followers 36 followers 261 followers

Philippine Red Cross

Website: PR 6/10 Alexa: 994,075 50,995 Likes 347,029 followers

Red Cross Youth Chapters in Singapore

  • Red Cross Youth NUS Chapter: website 241 Likes
  • Red Cross Youth NTU Chapter: website 55 members
  • Red Cross Youth (RI Chapter): website 139 Likes - last update May 19, 2013
  • Red Cross Youth - Cedar Girls: website
  • Red Cross Youth - Evergreen Secondary School: website
  • Red Cross Youth - Northbrooks Secondary School: website
  • Red Cross Youth - Serangoon Secondary School: website
  • Hua Yi Red Cross Youth: website
  • Tanjong Katong Red Cross Youth: website
  • AMKSS Red Cross Youth: website
  • Red Cross Youth - River Valley Primary School: website


Actionable Items

  1. Add "Our History" e.g.
  2. Red Cross Youth
  3. Some quantifiable results in the front page e.g.
  4. Appoint "Champions" in each of the Red Cross Youth Chapters in Singapore - to assist in contributing contents
  5. Get volunteers to help in contributing contents
    • Give them free training on social media and social media marketing
    • Make them feel they are part of the elite team - give them some title e.g. Young Reporters, Young Photographers
    • They can contribute in the forms of articles, photos, videos

  6. Get more Volunteer Photographers to help you take photos - Lots of Photos
  7. Start a Pinterest and start sharing photos
  8. Adjust the Twitter setting so that the link shows the default blue color for links and hashtags.

Facebook - What to Write?

  1. Call for Action
  2. Motivational Quotes
  3. Do you know that... (Interesting Facts)
  4. Share a Story
  5. Share Volunteer's Story
  6. Share the joy... / Show the results (of people's contribution)
  7. Feature Your Partners
  8. Great Way to Engage People and Call for Action
  9. Call for Volunteers
  10. Something from the Staff of Singapore Red Cross

Learn from Others

  1. Charity Water
    Website: PR 6/10 Alexa: 20,260 268k Likes 1,403,274 followers

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