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You can have the best restaurant, best chef, best food on earth. But if no one can find your restaurant, it boils down to zero.

As mentioned in the article How to Easily Leverage Your Content Marketing for Local SEO by Shane Barker

If you want to bring people to your business, you need to try to attract local searchers. You need to get ahead of your competitors and make sure people find your business when they conduct a related local search. Which means you need to increase the visibility of your website in local search results.

You can have the best products, best food, best services in the world. But if no one can find you, you're missing out a lot. If you search for some keywords related to your products or services, and it did not come up on page one of Google, most likely people will not be able to locate you through Google.

Some Examples

You might think that it’s impossible to get onto page 1 of google without advertising. Let me show you some examples.

  1. Try google for: social media for interior designers
    On page one, you should see one article “Useful Resources on Social Media for Interior Designers”
  2. Try google for: useful twitter tips
    On page one, you should see one article “Useful Resources on Twitter Tips and Techniques”
  3. Try google for: disruptive innovation in logistics
    On page one, you should see one article “Useful Resources on Disruptive Innovation & Technology in Logistics – Trends”

I didn’t pay google any single cent for the 2 websites setup by me ( or But these articles appeared on page one of Google search and is bringing free traffic to these websites. (More about how to achieve this later.) What I want to show you for now is that appearing on page one of google search is achievable without any advertising.

If you want to grow your reach and network, it is very important that people can find you on Google.

Over to You ...

  1. Pick a keyword related to your products or services and google for it. Is your company, products or services listed on page one of Google?
  2. Are any of your competitors's products or services on page one of Google?
  3. Find out how many of your web pages are being indexed by Google with the following:

    Type the above in the google search field e.g. (no spaces in between. Just the domain name.) Yes, the more pages the better. If it's zero, it means that none of your web pages are indexed by Google, and no one will ever find you on Google. (Don't worry. We will talk about how to fix this later.)

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